Timeline of the Robinson Case

Robinson Case Timeline
Updated 5/14/09

1/19/09- Dr. Robinson sends course material entitled “parallel images of Nazis and Israelis” to his Sociology of Globalization course email listserv.

2/9/09- Dr. Robinson receives letter from Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Cynthia Silverman, condemning the original course material.

2/12/09- Dr. Robinson receives summons to meet with the AS Charges Officer regarding an informal complaint lodged by two students (see CDAF email, 4/16/09, which consisted of Robinson email to Chancellor Yang).

2/17/09- Dr. Robinson meets with Dr. Scharlemann and Ms. Smagala, academic senate chair, to discuss informal complaint (discussed in letter to Scharlemann).

2/19/09- Two students write complaint letters (#1 and #2)against Dr. Robinson.

2/24/09- Leonard Wallock, associate director of the Walter Capps Center for the Study of Ethics, Religion, and Public Life sends e-mail invitation to Dr. Marcuse and other faculty and administrators to attend ADL meeting scheduled for 3/9/09 (See Press Release Re: ADL Meeting).

3/9/09- Anti-Defamation League National Director, Abraham Foxman, has a private meeting with USCB admin. and professors pressuring university to prosecute Robinson (See Press Release Re: ADL Meeting).

3/9/09- Dr. Robinson writes letter to Dr. Scharlemann responding to the student (see email).

3/12/09- Dr. Robinson writes email to Dr. Scharlemann (info from Robinson email, 4/3/09).

3/25/09- Dr. Robinson receives letter from Dr. Scharlemann letting him know that he decided to constitute an ad hoc Charges Committee to investigate allegations against him (info from Robinson email, 4/3/09).

3/25/07- Dr. Robinson writes email to Dr. Scharlemann in relation to allegations of violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct filed against him in the Academic Senate (info from Robinson email, 4/3/09).

3/27/09- Scharlemann responds through email to Dr. Robinson’s email saying that no ad hoc committee has been formed yet (info from Robinson email, 4/3/09).

4/2/09- CDAF is formed to defend Dr. Robinson and Academic Freedom at UCSB.

4/3/09- Dr. Robinson writes email asking for more information of allegations  (see email).

4/5/09- Dr. Scharlemann writes an email to Dr. Robinson regarding the summary of allegations.

4/6/09- Dr. Robinson writes an email response to Scharlemann’s email regarding Scharlemann’s allegations (see email).

4/9/09- Dr. Robinson responds to Dr. Scharlemann through a letter.

4/10/09(Date not exact)- Dr. Geoff Raymond writes letter to Committee on Committees regarding irregularities in the Charges Officer’s handling of the complaint against Dr. Robinson.

Date Unknown- Dr. Geoff Raymond writes letter to Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom Committee Chairperson.

4/15/09- Dr. Robinson writes letter to Chancellor Yang and Academic Senate Chair, Joel Michaelson regarding allegations.

4/15/09- Committee on Committees (CoC) decides to go forward with case and create an ad hoc committee.

4/16/09- Chancellor Yang responds to Dr. Robinson (see summary of communications with UCSB administration).

4/18/09- Vice Chancellor, Gene Lucas, responds to Dr. Robinson’s letter to Chancellor Yang (see summary of communications with UCSB administration).

5/2/09- Dr. Harold Marcuse, UC-Santa Barbara faculty member, goes public about ADL pressure against Robinson.

5/16/09- Dr. Robinson writes another letter to Academic Senate Chair, Joel Michaelson.

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